Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Notes Page

I haven't Random Note'd it up in quite a while, concerned as I am with other matters both weighty and varied. Frinstance, I was not two hours ago trying to think up the lyrics to the Crabtones song R and I wrote.


* Rock out to the Blue Devil Jab Jabs playin' mas in Trinidad:

* and some of this too:

* Relatedly, read up on J'ouvert. HT N & G.

* Retro stylez:
-- Onna Magdorable
-- With Sophia Loren on Retronaut

* Everything's coming up Hiné Mizushima:
-- Onna BoingBoing in re: her artwork for They Might Be Giants
-- Onna Flickr
-- Onna Etsy
-- Onna Spoon and Tamago
-- Onna Gallery Hanahou
* Except when it's coming up Anna Hrachovec.

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