Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quote of the Day

"Solid performances by Carlton (two wins) and Schmidt (.381, two homers, and the MVP trophy) were somewhat overshadowed by George Brett's hemorrhoids..."
-- From 1980 Philadelphia Phillies on



From "George Brett's hemorrhoids during 1980 World Series" on The List: Top postseason distractions:

"Brett's backside provided some comic relief during the 1980 Phillies-Royals World Series, though not to the third baseman himself, who first began suffering from hemorrhoids during the ALCS against the Yankees. In fact, he was able to play only five innings of Game 1 in Philly.

But still, the quips were, pardon the pun, endless. Reporters grilled Mike Schmidt on the brand of ointment he sent over to Brett. They asked Schmidt why he had hemorrhoid ointment in the first place, and when the Phillies third baseman admitted he had the condition throughout the 1975 season, he had to suffer questions about whether third baseman were especially prone to the condition.

Then there were jokes about Brett renegotiating his contract to include a no-slide clause."

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