Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Was Not Aware of This

Can you say road trip?

"Big HonzaLand is located in Montgomery, Minnesota. It’s the birthplace of fabled Big Honza Giganticzech, now referred to as Big Honza."

And of course, listed on the Big Honza’s Museum of Unnatural History page:

"Some Unnatural Attractions at Big Honza’s Museum -
* Big Honza’s Airplane / Corn Shredder
* The 2-Person Alarm Clock
* A Remote-Controlled Toothbrush
* The World’s Largest Nit
* Honzertina – The World’s Only Chain-Driven Concertina
* The World’s Largest Honzified Pumpkin"

And, it goes without saying, no relation.

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