Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wherefore Art Thou Scrabster?

I am *so* jonesing for a Scrabster t-shirt. Are there such things? Anyone? I found a coffee mug, but alas, no shirt as of yet.

I'd write to the port and ask but I suspect, if they bothered to reply at all, it'd be along the lines of, "Even the paperboy, who ties his own shoes together on a regular basis, thinks you're a right daft bugger."

In related news, apparently Cafe Fish serves Scrabster Cod.

And tangentially, according to The Dozens, "c*ck" originally referred to a female body part, rather than male: it was a shorter version of "cockle shell" which explains why Venus is standing in the shell in Botticelli's painting and which -- here's the tangential part -- puts a whole new spin on Alive Alive-O.



I am, like, so rethinking the advisability of typing that last paragraph. Oh, well. Nothing's ever lost on the intermanets, so might as well leave it there.

Happy Thanksgiving, also too.

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