Saturday, November 24, 2012

Watched Me Some *Kwality* Teev In My Day, Yessir

Worth a peep, via C-SPAN's BookTV: Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves by Henry Wiencek and Terrible Swift Sword: The Life of General Philip H. Sheridan by Joseph Wheelan.

Of particular note:
* a comment (over dinner?) by Sheridan to Bismarck about how French guerillas ought to be countered in the Franco-Prussian War may have brought back the concept of Total War into European and specifically German war theory; and
* Andrzej Kościuszko, Polish colonel and later general in the American Army during the US Revolutionary War, willed $20,000 to Thomas Jefferson for the emancipation of however many slaves the money would buy, educate, and provision. Jefferson did not carry out this provision.

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