Saturday, November 10, 2012

The "Comes Around" Portion of the Evening

"On some level it's hard to not conclude that the Romney campaign, and Republicans on a whole, were not simply ill-served by their media, and their experts, but they themselves were actually requesting ill service. "

-- Ta-Nehisi Coates, It Was Like A Sucker Punch, The Atlantic

Alls there needs to be said about this, I think, got said in Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal". Rubes *want* to be skinned, for one reason or another -- and then after awhile, they've gotten themselves in too deep in the long con and can't afford *not* to believe.



How Business Expertise Translates Into Politics is worth a read, also too.



"I wrote Wednesday that I felt some sympathy for Romney on a human level. But having read these two pieces [about the GOP campaign being being shellshocked, and about ORCA-fail] I'm back to feeling the normal healthy contempt for the guy. Good riddance, you dope. Please just stay home now. Or homes."

-- Michael Tomasky, Mitt Was Shellshocked on The Atlantic



And finally, when you're a lying liar who lies, it's not a leap too far to imagine you're a lying liar who's lying about lying.

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