Saturday, November 3, 2012

Something for Snoskred

...the "something" not because of the subject but rather because she so kindly added muh blog to her reader.

Via R, I just found out about The Green Book, a travel guide series for African Americans, 1936 to 1964:

* The Root: How Did Blacks Travel During Segregation?
* NYTimes Books: The Open Road Wasn’t Quite Open to All
* University of South Carolina: The Negro Travelers’ Green Book

In a semi-related vein, I highly recomend Confederates in the Attic by Tony Horwitz. I'm about halfway through it, and am digging it: romantic reenactors and pharmacist-historians and neoconfederate a-holes, oh my. It was written during the Gingrich 90s -- weird to think the confederate take over of the Republican party at that time is reaching its final ouroboros worm-like death grip now.

May add R's original link at a latter date, as I don't have it handy at tha mo'.

1 comment:

Snoskred said...

Wow, thanks! :)

You've been in my reader for a long time now, it is just I couldn't work out how to make a blogroll out of it. Lack of talent on my part, lol. :)

But finally I slapped that reader into submission and made it do what I wanted. YAYS!

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