Wednesday, November 7, 2012

See Own Dingus, Step on Same

"If the minority in the Senate had merely behaved as virtually every prior caucus of both parties had done, allowing the confirmation relatively routinely of a qualified executive branch nominee, I can’t see anything but re-election and a full six year term for the Republican who took Ted Kennedy’s seat."
-- Tom Levenson in I Love The Smell Of Schadenfreude In The Morning (Massachusetts Edition) on BalloonJuice



Via BalloonJuice:

Romney “Where to Vote” Web tool broken on election day

When Obama Won, the South Shook Itself Awake, Tried to Rise Again, and Embarrassed the Hell Out of Itself

In other news, I belatedly voted for "a steaming cup of his children's tears" in the "What Did Inevitable Loser Rob McKenna Eat for Breakfast?" poll on Slog.



Via DailyKOS: When will people like Jennifer Rubin lose a job?

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