Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pagina de los Noticias Aleatorias

* Via GR, Bottom Rung of the Academic Ladder on the Adjunct Project.

* The GOP Faces Years in the Wilderness After 2012 Election Losses by Robert Shrum on The Daily Beast.

* And relatedly, Revenge of the Reality-Based Community by Bruce Bartlett on the American Conservative.

Both of those last two dwell on the increasing rumpiness o' tha GOP. However, I find all the navel-gazing a bit ridiculous since it's fairly simple to understand why things as they are. a) The GOP has put forth as their public face a bunch of people that act like pricks (see ref Limbaugh, Joe Walsh, Mooseburgers, Eric Cantor, Ol' Forty-Seven, et al), and b) they've successfully portrayed themselves as the party of Big Stupid (see ref climate science, creationism, birtherism, defunding PBS, Mooseburgers, et al). Change those two things -- stop being pricks all the time, and stop portraying ignorance as a feature, not a bug -- and you change the game.

Otherwise, "soul-searching" is just a bunch of yippity-yap for the court stenographers.

* What We Know About Elon Musk’s Proposed Mars Colony by Carl Franzen on TalkingPointsMemo's Idealab.

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