Friday, November 16, 2012

Further Up, Further In

Struck me today that these two things are the same knot, just pushed farther along the string:

"I don't play the dozens, the dozens ain't my game,
But the way I f*ck your mother is a god damn shame."

-- Traditional verse, as quoted by Elijah Wald in The Dozens: A History of Rap's Mama by Elijah Wald, Oxford University Press, 2012, pg. 3.

"Let us all praise Lord Ash, ning-a-ning! For his generous hospitality"--he struck a pose, a waggish aside to his invisible audience---"(don't let the door strike you in the rump!) ning-a-ning!"

-- Alactrity Fitzhugh in Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds by Brian Daley, as quoted by MEBuckner on the Straight Dope message board

As an aside, I wonder how many folks got a hit on this article based on a Narnia search? It tickles me to think "lots".

And finally, I reckon you should read both books. The second I know is outstanding; the first I just started, and seems swell so far.

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