Friday, September 21, 2012

What's Eating Willard Today, Part 2

* Nutso Positions of Those Given Responsibility in the GOP, Part Infinity, via TPM: Alabama GOP Chair Goes Birther, Says Obama’s Communist Upbringing ‘Verified’.

Oh, and something about the Ottoman Empire, too. Good goddam.

* TPM also mentions in passing that the amount of Mittearnings accounted for in today's infodump is *way* lower than estimated. Like $USD 7 *million* lower.

* Via Political Carnival, Romney Gives Kudos to Hitler for His Alternative Energy Ideas:

"Okay, Romney didn't endorse Mein Kampf, and Hitler was mentioned in passing, but like the secretly taped "47 percent" statement, his remark about the Fuhrer's accomplishment was made with the sort of passion you don't normally hear from the former governor. No, he wasn't saying Hitler was a good man or supporting the Third Reich, nothing like that. But Romney's tone had the ring of admiration for Hitler as an innovator, perhaps someone we should emulate in the energy area.


It's another indication that he is chronically clueless as to the context of his statements. He has a peripheral vision that no glasses can likely cure, because it is a mental outlook that is born of a bubble – and an inoculation from the world outside of his lavish wealth born of vulture capitalism and a privileged upbringing."

* Via DailyKos via Political Carnival: 2 Breaking Polls: Obama Now Leading Romney in North Carolina.



* The 538 prezitenshal now-cast has Willard's chance of winning this thing at 4.6%. Caveats, caveats, sis-boom-bah, but holee shiznit.



* On National Journal: Romney's Campaign Undercuts His Competence Pitch.

Ouch. That one stings.

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