Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What He Said

"But the GOP itself is the slow public suicide. The party is dying. They aren’t an elephant they are a Wooly Mammoth, slouching towards extinction. They don’t believe in science, they don’t believe in education, they don’t believe in alt energy, they don’t believe in communities and helping your neighbors, they don’t believe in anything other than greed, anything other than division, anything other than what benefits them, individually. The President’s comment that they framed their entire convention on was “you didn’t build that.” The convention was preposterous because each and every person they brought out to declare, “I built that!” did so with government help – including Mitt Romney and Bain.

Their ideology is so concentrated on self, so disengaged from the communal and the society in which they reside, that they have become anachronistic. They are at the end of their collapse. Romney’s nomination hastens it, and highlights it. Mitt Romney believes what he is saying, he believes that half the country is lazy shiftless welfare queens. He believes in this political dystopic view of the nation and because of that, he is unfit to lead it, unfit to hold any position of governance within it. This is the end of the GOP."

-- J. Christian Watts in A Slow, Public, Suicide on Jack and Jill Politics

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