Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wait, What?

Erick Erickson before (on Redstate):

"Team Romney should force this debate onto the national stage. They should not walk it back.The American people are with him. It is the perfect time to remind people that Barack Obama, who authored Obamacare, wants to now be the arbiter of people's fair share. To Obama, fair share means you fork over your money so others can have a life of government dependency. Romney's point about government dependency ties perfectly to the dreadful economic news of late and is a perfect pivot back to that."

Erick Erickson after (on CNN):

"He was off the cuff. He was at a closed-door meeting. He didn't think he was on the record. Even at his press conference later he said he wasn't very articulate. He's going to have to explain that. Even conservatives like me who don't think this is as damaging as a lot of people say, have to concede the remark was really inarticulate at best and really dumb."

Via Charlie Pierce in Stuck Inside of Boca with the Mittens Blues Again.

I'm-a get whiplash.

So, what, is the second quote a disinformation campaign, or did he stick out his finger in the mean times to see which way the wind was blowing, or does he say whatever to whomever, depending on how he think it'll be received, slash, affect his weekly dollah-dollah bill, y'all?

Mostly the last two, I'd reckon.

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