Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Moment When the GOP Lost

You know how there's a moment in a grifter's life when they lose a larger portion of their backers than they can afford? And how that moment quite often -- at least for me -- doesn't match when you'd *think* it'd be, or that's over a relatively small thing compared to the expanse of their grift-to-date?

For Palin, IMO, it was when she screwed up knowing how to shoot a gun on (one of) her reality show(s). Her then-horde may not have known much about economics or care squat about the French, but they sure as hell know their way around a 30-aught-6, so when she fudged that up they thought to themselves, well, hell, maybe this person's been taking us for a ride.

I think Romney's last gaffe -- implying that the troops weren't important to him -- was the foot that broke the camel's mouth. From "Romney Tromps On Troops" by David Bernstein on Talking Politics:

"Let's pick our jaws off the floor and review the three arguments that Romney employed here, to counter the charge of insensitivity to the troops at war by omitting them in his big speech.

1) I would have gotten away with it if you would all just shut up about it.

2) It was a conscious decision that the troops at war are not important.

3) I consider soldiers to be no different than any other military asset.

I'm flabbergasted.

How, how in the world, in a Presidential campaign at this stage, with this candidate, on this issue, can his team send him out with that rank idiocy to say in response to a known question coming?

If they don't get something better in front of him before Meet the Press, oy vey."

I think the above link was via the DailyKOS, but at this point I'm not sure. First saw the news about the gaffe over t'TalkingPointsMemo last week.



...because ha-ha.

"According to people involved with Romney's 2002 campaign for governor, polling and focus groups demonstrated early on that there was no way to make people like candidate Mitt Romney."

-- Next week’s Republican convention offers Mitt Romney a chance to get the voting public to like him — but he might as well not bother by DAVID S. BERNSTEIN in Talking Politics

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