Sunday, September 9, 2012


The folks from EatYourKimchi are moving to Seoul. I has a sad.

That said, they apparently are having an Indiegogo fundraiser going to help pay for a official studio type studio in Kpop Central:

I am him-pressed with how well they're doing -- 2x their goal and rising!

I'm-a donate, how 'bout you? They're nice people, and, y'know, Canadian. So they need your help. Because of the money.

Not the Canadian.



Holy Schnikes, they were on Al Jazeera! And more specifically, they were erudite and well-spoken on Al Jazeera:

I am jealous, and happy, and jealous. But mostly happy. And jealous.



EatYourKimchi will be attending KCON '12 this year -- shaking hands, kissing babies, and whatnot. I'm giving passing thought about going....

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