Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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* Ten Little, Nine Little, Eight Little Suffragettes...(And Then There Were None) via Balloon-Juice.

From the article:

"In 1868, American songwriter Stephen Winner, adapting the Irish folk tune Michael Finnegan, wrote new lyrics for a minstrel show and retitled the song, 10 Little Injuns. In 1869, newer lyrics were written by Frank J. Green for Christy's Minstrels, an American blackface troupe that toured Europe, and the world was thus stained with Ten Little Niggers.


Circa 1910-15, the Pottsville,, Pennsylvania branch of Dives, Pomeroy and Stewart, a department store otherwise known as Pomeroy's and headquartered in Reading, published a pamphlet that adapted the song as a satire on woman suffrage and equal rights, and in so doing conclusively demonstrated that Pomeroy's brain trust would never win a spelling bee."

* On that note, here's summa tha New Christie Minstrels, the which I remember my mom having an album of:

* And here's some info on Pomeroy's via ye olde Department Store Museum of the Internets, huzzah.

* I am now, like, six kinds of MaryDoodles fan:

See her ERB Fan Art youtubez playlist. Read her blog. Buy her stuffz on eBay.


Yeah, I luvz her stylee, fo' sho':

* Via a slight mispelling onna googles here's some Owl Inventions on somethingawful.

* "No description available" pretty much sums it up" sez Aqueries44 in regards to the following:



I clicked on a Drudge Report link Sully had over t'Dish -- that thing is just plain unreadable. My eyes didn't even register the text as words; it was just a mess of black scattered across a white background like ants going apeshit at a picnic.

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