Sunday, September 9, 2012

Due Giorni Fa

So because of this comment which lead to this blog I watched this movie a couple of days ago.

I gotta say, it was lost on me. Right off the bat, this dude goofs around on a bicycle for no apparent (to me) reason, and then almost immediately afterwards either gets himself killed or kills himself, and I'm not sure why, and my confusion persists throughout the entire movie.

A lot of people get really upset and there's a lot of talk about communism, neither for any reason that I could see. There seemed to be a lot of jump cuts in the editing. There looked to be a hinted-at-but-not-shown sex scene in the offing because of, I assume, Hays Code-equivilant rules -- but then the main female character goes and grabs her own breast.

I just did not get this movie.

Two items of note:

* There was one scene where the female lead was wandering around a large outdoor intersection. *Nearly every single person she passed* was a man, most of them wearing hats -- fedoras, I think. Wacky.

* There was another scene that shoehorned maybe 30 seconds of color film (of a guy waving) into the otherwise black and white film. Reminded me of theaters and storefronts with prominent "we have air conditioning" signs out front -- like the movie was trying to get people to see it just 'cuz it had some novelty color footage in it.

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