Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dude, Road Trip?

* Angola Prison Rodeo, (Sundays in October and one weekend in April):

"The inmates -- most of whom are completely untrained in the rodeo -- compete in various events, including bareback horse riding, wild cow milking, and bull riding. Meanwhile, inmate bands perform and hobby-craft items produced by the inmates are sold. The finale of the event occurs as inmates try to sneak up on an angry bull and pluck off a poker chip which has been tied to it.

As the rodeo is held on prison grounds, spectators' cars are subject to search."



Also, this:

"Resident Evil Themed Butcher Shop Sells Severed Human Body Parts. Yes, Even Wieners.

Of course, they’re not real body parts, just regular ol’ slabs of dead animal made to look like the good stuff. I mean… ¬_¬

Capcom is currently sponsoring a little pop-up art gallery/butcher shop at the Smithfield Meat Market in East London to promote the launch of Resident Evil 6/make people throw up/hungry. It’s called Wesker & Son Wholesale Meats after characters from the game."



R is coming back downstairs so only time for one last update: Boppo, the Bad Breath Clown.

I think it's a good'un, don't you?

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