Saturday, August 25, 2012

What He Said

"If you watch the surveillance video of two New York police officers shooting the man who shot his ex-boss near the Empire State building yesterday, you’ll see the absolute opposite of the kind of fantasy event that is touted by gun advocates. The whole thing takes 15 seconds, there’s no time for the cops to do anything but pull their pistols and fire, and there are bystanders scattering everywhere. It appears that the man who was killed pulled his gun but didn’t fire a shot. Nine people were hit by bullets and bullet fragments, apparently all from the officers’ weapons.

Life is not a fucking movie. It doesn’t happen in slo-mo, and even well-trained cops have trouble controlling their fire. Adding in armed civilians to almost any scenario like this would make it worse, not better."

-- Bang Bang, That Awful Sound by mistermix on BalloonJuice

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