Monday, August 27, 2012

Painted Post Redux

Took notice that somebody dropped in from Painted Post again, so in honor let me pull up a comment from my original Painted, which I should have highlighted before:

From Anonymous (link added by me):
"Well the best place In Painted post is the Sit-n-Bull Pub 107 village square. If you missed it you missed the BEST wings in this area. With curly fries that not another place can touch. Its a tradition to many families and tourist to stop in. Try it for yourself. Been in business years and childrens children return each year just to go there."

I couldn't find any good articles or sites featuring the place, but I admit to looking for only, like, a minute.

I was also going to add a comment 'bout another purported bar, but the link that was supplied went somewheres....untoward. And, I think, in Chinese.

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