Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Unfortunately, this Balloon-Juice post by John Cole pretty much sums up my thinking on the Colorado shootings.


On an entirely different subject, from the world of Warehouse23 and Steve Jackson Games:

Bunch of new Munchkin products came/are coming out since last I took a look:
* The Guild
* Penny Arcade
* Skullkickers
* Role Playing Game
* Apocalypse

I'm thinking about maybe ordering some more Illuminati/Conspiracy stuff, especially a relacement for my Steve Jackson Principia Discordia edition; also might peruse their list of out-of-print dealers re: the Serenity and Discworld RPGs. And lookit -- even more NinjaBurger merch.

Already got a copy of Munchkin Axe Cop, which is pretty choice:

Tribes seems worth a look when it comes out. Anybody out there play Nanuk? Is it worth a try?

Oddly enough, Bone Wars reminds me of Bone Wars. That said -- dude, how can you lose with a game based on a parasite infestation? Or is that a trick question?

I want to say that SPANC looks good too, because, y'know, who *doesn't* have a thing for hot furry catwomen, but the design of the sample cards looks disappointing, to tell the truth.


Dust to Digital Music and Daedalus Books -- one of everything, please. Opika Pende especially looks good -- not to mention their various radio shows.


In closing, Le Petit Trilobites pour tout le monde, s'il vous plaƮt!

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