Sunday, July 22, 2012

Desperate Man Blues

More on Edison Studios over at the wikis.


Ringtail said...

I hear you pay good money to sing into a can.

Cool clip. Also, re: John Fahey - have you ever listened to Leo Kottke? Same finger-picking school of guitar playing, and awfully good. Saw him touring with Leon Redbone ("My Blue Heaven") a couple years ago.

0>w/hole>1 said...

Leo Kottke => no, I haven't heard anything by him; have to take a look-hear.

We have that documentary in our collection I think, but it's on reserve....

Ringtail said...

1977 Kottke:

2008 Kottke (after he had hand problems that screwed up the way he played):,

Ringtail said...

And some Leon Redbone for good measure:

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