Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Phil "Motherf*ckin'" Coulson

More on (ha) Agent Phil Coulson and Marvel One-Shots via tha wikis. (The other one currently extant, The Consultant, was kind of hard to follow w/out the notes on Blonsky -- but then, maybe I've only seen a clip and not the whole Doo-Dad. I haven't signed on to BluRay yet, but the way the ol' PS2 is refusing to play DVDs, maybe that's where I'm heading, should the lottery gods smile. Which they won't.)

More on (ha) the Avengers:
* Small bit o' extra footage onna Japanese trailer.
* Avengers/Cochise mashup onna youtubes.
* Coolio Marvel cinematic universe timeline on a tiki-toki timeline generator.

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