Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Faster Than the Speed of F*ck-All

My current internets connection is nonsensically slow at the mo; since I lack any real problems, it's driving me up the wall. I had wanted to explore the tubes in re: Ray William Johnson the whom I just heard about, but I'll just have to settle for knowing (the homepage url) without seeing (any of the site's contents). There's probably some kind of philosophical teaching moment to be had here, but I HAZ SAD INTERNETS SLOW SUX BYE. Or something to that affect.

In other news, currently digging 11 Acorn Lane, am contemplating buying a honey badger onesie for a co-worker's immenant (what's the spelling on that?) papoose, and am slogging my way through Titus Groan, which is a lot harder work than I had anticipated. I mean, the prose is all waking-dreamy is that world supposed to actually *work*?

It's frustrating. I should probably just meditate on the honey badger and stop giving a, you know, sh*t.

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