Friday, November 18, 2011

Ham Hat

Just a week left to go on the JourneyQuest Season 2 Kickstarter campaign; help unlock their additional promo incentives:

"$105,000 -- Every contributor receives an exclusive backer's-only embroidered Season Two Supporter patch.
$110,000 -- We commission a full-color map of Fartherall, the world of JourneyQuest
$115,000 -- We greenlight development of the JourneyQuest Role-playing Game
$120,000 -- We produce the official Orcs of JourneyQuest beefcake calendar"

That said, dunno if their SupaSecret $15,000 in donations count towards those incentives -- if so, then they're already up to $115,000...

If folks push it up to $200,000, then they'll do season 2 and 3 concurrently, but if they make that benchmark, I'll eat my hat*.


* A hat made out of delicious, delicious ham.

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