Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Word of the day

Plating, as used by BalloonJuicer John Cole: "Since my delicious dinner was last night described as “someone’s scalp next to a pile of barf, with a sad green garnish on top,” I’ll be damned if I share what I am having tonight with you all. In fairness, if I were an independent judge, I would have probably given myself negative points for plating."

Other defs:

Philately: "The reconstruction of a pane or "sheet" of postage stamps printed from a single plate by using individual stamps and overlapping strips and blocks of stamps."

Geology: "A hypothesized process whereby asthenospheric mantle hardens beneath crustal material, thereby becoming attached to it and thereafter moving together with the crustal material as part of the lithosphere."

See ref metallic and armor plating, also too, but y'all already know about that, right?

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