Tuesday, August 16, 2011

He May Be a Dipshit, But He's *Our* Dipshit

With regards to Perry's Bernanke "lynching" nonsense, all's I got to say is that at one point Donald Trump was a GOP frontrunner too.

It's *that* kind of party.



And right on cue, here's Ol' Bug-Eyes getting yet another thing exactly backwards.



And, taking a page outta Mooseburger's Bumper Book of Stupids, Ol' Bug-Eyes makes up an easily disproven lie for no particular reason:

"Notorious pill-gobbling serial fabricator Michele Bachmann made up a stupid lie about how she went to her family reunion in Iowa and then made excuses to the press when she was late for everything that day on account of attending the reunion, which she did not attend. Klassy!"

HT L onna 'flats.

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