Thursday, August 11, 2011

Go Figure

I started watching the GOP debate live feed on LittleGreenFootballs; immediately after Romney said, "I'm not the President but I would have liked to have been," my browser crashed.

God's hand is in there somewheres I reckon. Either that or the interwebs is allergic to Republicans. I hesitate to say where I'd lay my money on that one.



The current GOP in a nutshell (pun intended):

"Question is whether Mitt Romney would extend unemployment benefits to jobless people. He doesn't come right out and say "no," but says we need to reduce spending on unemployment programs. Follow-up is whether he would sign a bill extending unemployment benefits. He doesn't say yes. Instead he says he'd signs bill creating unemployment savings accounts. Okay, great, but given that people are unemployed now, how the hell are they supposed to put money in those accounts?"

Also, apparently Bachmann thinks the S&P downgraded us because we raised the debt ceiling. I'm left wondering -- if she really believes that, how does she dress herself in the morning? Maybe everything is Garanimals and top-bottom-back-front-left-right labels in the Bachmann household.

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