Monday, August 1, 2011


This dude's word choice was just plain unfortunate. I briefly perused the original article's comments because, y'know, I hate myself, and was amused by all the folks saying no-no-no, "tar baby" ain't racist cuz it means that sticky thing you can't get away from. Or whatever.

Got me to thinking well, yeah, but then a lot of mean stuff means other things too.

Frinstance, why might it be a bad idea for me to say that Colorado GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn, having called the President a tar baby, has a "chinaman's chance" of getting much support from the black community? Doesn't "chinaman's chance" just mean "not much of a chance at all"?

Well, yeah, but it's also possibly based on the 19th century transcontinental railroads using asian workers to lay explosives because they were more expendable. IE it's, you know, impolitic to say, as well as impolite.

And the dude's a politician. If you're with me there.

Not sure why I'm taking time out to type this, since grown ups shouldn't need to be told to keep a civil tongue in their heads. But whatever. If folks keep saying stuff like this out loud, they'll get learned otherwise sooner or later I reckon.


Can you tell I've been watching a whole mess of Deadwood lately?



"When they say it is about something other than race, you can be pretty certain that it is ALL about race. Once you understand that, then the Tea Party/Wingnut/Modern Conservatve movement and their motivations are clear as well cleaned glass.
And while most try to stick with “plausible deniability” when it comes to the root of their problem with Barck Obama, every now and then one of them will let it all hang out. Today it was Doug Lamborn of Colorado. Tomorrow it will be somebody new, but whomever it is, we can be certain that the racist bile animating their movement will always find its way to the surface. It is all they have."
-- Dennis G., commenting on Doug Lamborn (R-Co): Tar Baby? Really? by ABL on BalloonJuice

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