Thursday, July 7, 2011

That's Why They're Called "The Poor"

And in other news, Senator Orrin Hatch is now campaigning to be the next Sheriff of Nottingham.



And when Jim Demint says he'd be ok with "serious disruptions in the economy" what he means is "I got mine, so f*ck all y'all."

That just p*sses me off. "Serious disruptions in the economy" is tiny-d*ck talk for "25% unemployment and a decade-long recession for folks that aren't me" or similar. But it's good to know the Jim Demint's okay with that.


You know what I'd be okay with? Jim Demint developing catastrophic sphincter failure. I mean, sure it'd be a sacrifice, especially for folks stuck on an elevator with him, but I'm willing to see it through in order to use his failing kidneys and tighty-no-longer-whiteys "as a point of leverage."



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