Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Somebody Smells Nice

"I was also a Taxicab driver and evangelist in Boise, ID where I led approximately 1,000 lost souls to the Lord Jesus Christ: Drunks and Winos, Hookers and Strippers, Bums, and Homeless; Hippies and Rainbow people, Bikers, and Villains, Truckers and Construction workers, Businessmen and Proletarians, psychos and weirdo's, homos and lesbians; even some people who looked normal and smelled nice."
-- Harley D. "A Real Man For Congress" Brown, GOP congressional candidate in the Republican primary for Idaho's 1st district, as quoted in Idaho GOPer: D.C. Needs 'Someone Crazy Like Me' by Jillian Rayfield on TPM

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