Thursday, April 1, 2010

Show me Palin at an outdoor event...

...and I'll show you a bag full of wind.

Via DonkeyKong on BalloonJuice (and how often do you get to say *that*?), here's some baggin' perambulations from the elucidatin', seldom obfuscatin', slicked back and sedatin', mad mad mad Madam, make that James Wolcott:

"Taking a break from diamond-cutting my latest Vanity Fair column so that each gleaming sentence is worthy of being worn on one of Elizabeth Taylor's illustrious fingers, I turned on the TV and there's Sarah Palin, keynote speaker at an outdoor Tea Party rally in Nevada, shouting into a wind so strong her words seem to be whipping back at her. Everything's flapping: the flags, the script pages in front of her, the hinges of her mind like a shithouse in a gale, to borrow a phrase from somebody, I know not whom. It's a pep talk Palin must have written herself because no outside party could put together such a staccato barrage of folksy locutions and plucky banalities that sends logic and coherence running screaming from the room. It's really quite patronizing, the low-rent quality of pre-fab rhetoric she fobs off on her followers as she rakes in money from the "mainstream media" she pretends to upbraid, but her marks clearly don't mind, so let them be pawns in her game, serving as crowd extras in the movie Robert Altman didn't live to make."

Give the rest of his recent a peep; well worth an eyeball or twain.

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