Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forget about it: THIS is the Quote of the Day

""Microchips are like little beepers," the woman told the committee. "Just imagine, if you will, having a beeper in your rectum or genital area, the most sensitive area of your body. And your beeper numbers displayed on billboards throughout the city. All done without your permission."

"Ma'am, did you say you have a microchip?" state Rep. Tom Weldon (R) asked the woman.

"Yes, I do. This microchip was put in my vaginal-rectum area," she replied."
-- Eric Lach in "GA Woman To State Judiciary Committee: DoD Implanted A Microchip Inside Me" on TPM, relating testimony before the Georgia House Judiciary Committee for a bill that would "prohibit requiring a person to be implanted with a microchip" which some Georgia Republican nitwits thought necessary because they don't know where Health Care Reform ends and Toon Town begins.

According to the article, the committee approved the bill.

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