Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chickens for Checkups

Fight scurvy today, the Sue Lowden way. Via TPM.

I once applied for a job at a juice company that advertised the position came with "all the juice you could drink" by writing, "It's great that you offer this as a perk because for the last ten years I've worked as a pirate in the Caribbean and have developed a raging case of scurvy."

They never wrote back.

I occasionally wonder if my letter is tacked up in a coffee room somewhere, giving joy to leaners-against-water-coolers on a semi-weekly basis. Kinda like that Xerox of a watch some guy mailed in to an office I worked at to prove that his watch had stopped when the aliens had picked him up.

On a more serious note: Seriously Nevada? Chickens? *This* is who you're contemplating voting for? The Chicken Lady?

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