Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Willow Palin Involved in Burglary and Illicit Empty House Naughty-No-Nos

From Gryphen at TheImmoralMinority. here's Willow Palin and the Fringecaseland Sexcapades:

"On December 13, a Wasilla homeowner discovered that the home they had for sale, but were no longer living in, had been broken into and vandalized.

The lock had been forced, five wooden doors had been so badly damaged they needed to be replaced, the walls and floors had been gouged with knives, and vodka and orange juice containers were strewn all over the house. It also appeared that sexual activity had taken place on some of the beds, and a computer, some winter gear, and clothing had all been stolen.

Calculations are that the home suffered between twenty to thirty thousand dollars in damage. Sources say it appeared the teens stayed in the house for several hours, perhaps even overnight.

The Troopers were quickly notified and the investigation began. And at first there were very few leads.

Then in January some information came to light which identified one of the perpetrators. This led to the revelation that the participants were 12 local teens who had used the empty house for a party, a party which had clearly spun badly out of control.

As you have undoubtedly surmised by now one of the teenagers identified was Willow Palin."

Oh ho ho.



The full article from Gryphen above gives some details on Palin's coverup of Willow's involvement in the afterschool sexytime debacle. Well worth reading.

Also too, here's a bit more from AlaskaWTF.

Best part? Remember Palin fleeing back to Alaska from Hawaii after three days on the "scribbled out McCain's name on muh hat" tour? Gryphen posits that was when she learned that Willow had been collared by tha po-po.

All sympathies to Willow, her being a normal stupid teen and all, but a big "Ha. Ha." to tha Moms.



Another quote from Gryphen's article:

"However this time Sarah may have made a very unfortunate calculation. Sarah counted on the people of the Mat-Su Valley to still be intimidated by her, but that may not in fact be the case. Sources have told me that a number of the parents are very unhappy that their children will face charges and that Willow and the other girls will not. Add to that the frustration being felt by the law enforcement professionals assigned to the Valley and I think we can count on this not being the last we hear about this unfortunate incident."

To swipe a phrase, have we reached Palin's Waterloo moment? I've always thought the thing that would open folks' eyes would be having an affair by her hit the news -- but trying to cover-up your kid's sexperimentation might do in a pinch.

So to speak.



Gryphen's words take flight. Fly, little bloggy! Fly far; fly wide; fly free. ('s Daily Dish bait, at any rate, and titillating enough for tha news.)

What was the thing Bugs Bunny useta say? "Cheaters never prosper"? She's got "Quitter" all sewn up; why not "Cheater" too.

'baggers and GOPers both; they sure do know how to pick 'em.



Oh, hey, lookit me with the precognition and such.


WriteChic said...

An obvious sign that Willow could grow up and be President...the Bush 43 variety?

If I was that mom, I'd be spending a LOT more time with my family. Sad.

WriteChic said...

Dang on that precognite thing. :-)

0>w/hole>1 said...

Wou *you* want to spend any more time with that family if you could avoid it?


In all seriousness, it'd be good for her family to have a good mom present. If they could cobble one together outta whatever scraps are lying around.

WriteChic said...

Hmmm, I got it. Now I'm reaching back to psy classes in college, but I remember reading about how poorly mommyless monkeys did. However, chicken wire around a pole with a mommy head...and some comfy fabric around the chicken wire was better than Sarah Palin.

Maybe I'm not remembering right. ;-)

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