Friday, March 19, 2010

What he said

"When something this evil is endemic across multiple churches on different continents, there is an intrinsic cultural problem, perhaps with roots in the dual public commitments to celibacy and anti-homosexuality.

The Church, and the Pope, must address this, NOW, or they will undermine the very commitments and teachings they have spent a lifetime serving."
-- Commenter on The Daily Dish, in re: the Pope's apologists in the German (and elsewhere) Church's child molestation scandal, in "The Pope's Defense"

The problem seems, as Spinal Tap once said, that the Catholic Church's pool of priests/congregations has become "more selective". Put another way, the restrictions on vocation -- gender, celibacy -- and the odious teachings in matters sexual, homosexuality foremost among 'em, has not promoted the recruitment of quality applicants to the priesthood.

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