Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Just a Plain ol' Pope...

...but also intimately involved in the child abuse cover-up in the German Catholic Church. Wonderful.

And these are the guys telling us marriage between two loving people is big time nasty no-no just 'cause their bits match?



Some more horrible, horrible background on this from The Dish.

For all I laugh and rage, rage and laugh about most things, this is just plain wrong.



Even more from Hitchens on Slate, via R.

One hates to make political hay out of this, but when you come down to it, why would anybody follow an institution's say-so on matters sexual, when its head and spokesman swept the rape of children under the rug? One might plead false equivalency between child rape and homosexual marriage, but then one might also plead that the Church's (an specifically this Pope's) past action on child-rape indicates a general, oh, I don't know, "wrong-headedness" about the broader topic of human sexuality.


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