Friday, March 12, 2010

Museum of the Day

Oregon History Museum at the Oregon Historical Society. Current exhibit: "Tall in the Saddle: 100 Years of the Pendleton Round-Up."

A band I used to see in NYC 12 years back or so, Native, had a song about the Pendleton round-up. In addition, S.M. Stirling includes Pendleton as one of the centers(ish) of civilization in post-science-going-kerblewy America in his Dies the Fire series. Or possibly Emberverse series. Not sure on the terminology there.

('s a good read, mostly, although to tell the truth I fell out of reading it some while back. It's a semi-spinoff from Island in the Sea of Time (if I remember the title correctly) -- a what-happened-to-the-folks-Nantucket-left-behind. The Island series had a bit, I thought, of series-itis (successive volumes being suck-plus-one) because Stirling's bad guys were *too* bad. Uberbad; supa-bad.

Ridonkulous with the badness, already.)

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