Thursday, March 25, 2010

From the Files of Lou "The Immigrants Are Shooting at my Stoop" Dobbs

Eric Cantor thinks there's Democrats in his woodpile, although apparently they're using substandard powder in their muskets.

No entendres intended.



"Putting together Cantor's statements to the press and the police report about the incident, Cantor's claim seems to be that he was attacked by one of those Renaissance military engineers from Italy who first discovered the parabolic ballistic equations that allowed you to shoot artillery nearly straight up in the air and have it hit your enemy on the way back down. "
-- Demzo Violentino by John Marshall, TalkingPointsMemo



"Let me get this straight. As the dim-witted Minority Whip sees it, Democrats are facing vandalism, assault, and harassment, and Democratic leaders want it to stop. But by urging responsible officials to denounce (and hopefully, discourage) misconduct, Dems are, Cantor believes, "dangerously fanning the flames."

Does Eric Cantor hear the words coming out of his mouth as he says them? Does he not realize how ridiculous he sounds? His message seemed to be: "If Dems just stayed quiet in the face of violence and intimidation, everything would be fine."

A few hours after accusing Democrats of "fanning the flames," Cantor was the featured guest on a conference call held by the "S.T.O.P. Obama Tyranny National Coalition."

By all appearances, Cantor isn't quite bright enough to appreciate the irony."
-- Steve Benen in "Cantor and 'Fanning the Flames' on Washington Monthly's Political Animal

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