Friday, February 19, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Palin's Spring appearance made an Andy Williams concert in Branson look multicultural. And that was with Ted Nugent on the bill, and we all know how much the blacks dig The Nuge."
-- Richard Connelly, "Sarahmania Hits Houston: What did we learn?", Houston Press News

H/T Snowbilly on Palin Q&A + Fun.



On a more serious note:

"I’m not at CPAC because I believe in America. I believe in liberty. I believe that governments should be held in check. I believe people matter. I believe in the flag not because of its shape or color but because of the principles it stands for—the principles in the Constitution, the principles repeated and underlined and highlighted and boldfaced and italicized in the Bill of Rights. The George W. whose presidency and precedents I admire was the first president, not the 43d. It is James Madison I admire, not John Yoo. Thomas Paine, not Glenn Beck. Jefferson, not Limbaugh.

Ronald Reagan would not have been welcome at today’s CPAC or a tea party rally, but he would not have wanted to be there, either. Neither do I."
-- Mickey Edwards, CPAC chair for five years and Congressman for 16, as quoted by LittleGreenFootballs

1 comment:

WriteChic said...

Good article. I remember those kind of Republicans.

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