Monday, November 16, 2009

What Constitutes a "Good Job"?

So, I harken back to the VP "debate" when it was spun that Mooseburgers did a good job because she didn't trip and fall into Biden's lap when she went to shake his hand.

Was it a "good job"?

One would think that a good job in those circumstances would have been "convinced more folks to vote GOP than convinced folks to vote for Obama". I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case, what with the winking and such. I'm pretty sure, in fact, she failed adequacy's "do no harm" test as well.

So, really, her performance in the VP debate was not a "good job". It was, in fact, "kind of a bad job" -- in the continuum of jobs wherein a "horrible job" would have been her drawing a 2-minute-long blank, or possibly just plain answering every question by speaking in tongues.

So what, currently, equates with "doing a good job" these days for Quitterpants?

Money, for one thing -- but for whom? Money going to her is probably going to end up a) in fortifying her Wasilla compound (guardtowers don't build themselves); b) legal bills; and c) dinners in the Russian Tea Room.

Enthusiasm? Perhaps...although 25% of the electorate can be enthusiastic as all hell, and still only be 25% of the electorate.

Promoting obstructionism via her PT Barnum "death panel/this way to the egress" schtick?

Inveighing against constitutionally-guaranteed rights like freedom of speech, and right to speedy trial by jury and, in general, participating in an all-comers GOP theocratic fascist love-em-up?

A "good job" *definitely* would not be working toward a GOP presidential nomination for herself. Too many eyes looking into places hidden by her dog-faced-boy status in the last election. Too many voices asking her too many detailed questions. And, let's face it, too much work. She may be working toward another *VP* nomination with -- and this is important -- a younger presidential candidate who didn't look like he was ready to fall into a pile of sawdust if somebody sneezed on him.

What constitutes a "good job" for Mooseburgers? I'm thinking it's probably not what she thinks it is.

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