Friday, November 13, 2009


Mistake number one: putting *anything* down in writing.



Via the Dish: I suspect that, with the sewage contained within the covers of Rogue, Mooseburgers has screwed herself with competent GOP party operatives. If she runs for anything now, it'll have to be 3rd-party, with a team of doofuses, a team of people who are out for themselves, or some combination of the two.

From the PlumLine article: "The adviser also mocked a contradiction at the core of Palin’s claims: She’s simultaneously saying she was muzzled and kept from the press, even as she’s claiming she only did the Couric interview at the urging of McCain aides."



Um, yeah....that whole putting-things-in-writing thing is just a bad idea all around.

Shoulda just stuck with the "oral history".

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