Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thought for the Day

Will GOP candidates bribe Palin to a) not endorse them, and/or b) not endorse a 'bagger in a primary?

The mind boggles at the potential revenue streams. Could this kind of shakedown legally be considered extortion, or is it fair game? Has the fatty brigade already been shaking the GOP down like this for years?

Inquiring minds, bee-yotch.


In other news, just heard a Groove Collective song on, and was pleased. First saw those guys at the Meat Locker in New York, on the recommendation of a woman I was going to room with when first I moved there. I was pleased with the band; the woman stopped talking to me.

It's quite possible I was giving off a "creepy" vibe. I do that, occasionally. Friend of mine once said I savage people with my friendship -- at the time I took it to be a complement, but what with the passing of time and the ending of friendships and such, perhaps that was not his intention.

Ah, well. Whatcha gonna do? I'm still high off of getting hours in a bookstore.

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