Monday, November 9, 2009

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* Oh, joy. The Fort Hood shooter tried to contact al Quaida -- although the article doesn't specify what "tried" means in this case. Which leads directly to

* ...things starting to get ugly. Although no doubt Mr. Fischer is not a racist. I'm sure, if he took a survey, he'd find that some, if not many, of his best friends are, in fact, black.

* How much is that dog in the window? Five bucks, apparently. (Is that what "Going Rogue" means? A stampede to make a book cost less than the paper it's printed on?)

* Editorial counterfactual going rogue also too.

* Whilst on the subject, Levi Johnston plans to file for joint custody. Question of the day: how many appearances will Sarah justify flaking out on because she has to deal with the custody battle?

Man, I'd hate to be a fly on her wall if she's forced to bail on dinner at Jean Georges to attend a hearing in Juneau. Or Anchorage. Or Wasilla. One of those hellholes(1).

* This seems like an unfortunate thing for a conservative group to support, given the recent GOP history of sexual, you know, peccadilloes.

* Keep f**king that chicken, Sessions, keep f**king that chicken.

* Also too, in the realm of GOP-in-mouth disease, Las Vegas columnist John L. Smith on Sue Lowden tittering about an assassination attempt on Harry Reid in 1981: "If you're looking for reasons to dislike Reid and blow up his politics, there are a thousand places for a conservative to start. But some things aren't a joke. And laughing at the wrong things makes you look more lightweight by the day."


1. Please note that the use of the term "hellhole" was snark, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the author. The author cannot say one way or the other if it accurately reflects the opinion of Sarah Palin, however.



This from FiveThirtyEight seems to indicate that, according to all signs eminating from the GOP, the above mentioned chicken-f**king will continue for the forseeable future:

"The U.S. political right, namely Republicans, has a long way to go to modernize and moderate towards the center of the American political spectrum on gender issues, something we have know for quite some time. A turn towards a hard conservative line since 2006 has only amplified the gap. Perhaps the rising influence of moderate Republican women like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, signals the importance of this change for the future of the party, but no such high profile individuals have yet been spotted on the House side. Indeed, the flogging of Dede Scozzafova in NY-23 indicates that those who might want to step into this role could be quickly pushed out by conservative activists."

And by "flogging" I assume Mr. Sexton means "f**king that chicken."

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