Friday, November 6, 2009

Pointed out/pointed in

The Fort Hood shooter was a muslim, and, apparently, had religious motivations for the attack.

But then, so did Tiller Tiller's killer -- but I doubt that's gonna keep any right-wing bon temps from roulez-ing.



This post from James Fallows (via the Dish) pretty much sums up my thoughts:

"There is chaos and evil in life. Some people go crazy. In America, they do so with guns; in many countries, with knives; in Japan, sometimes poison. We know the emptiness of these events in retrospect, though we suppress that knowledge when the violence erupts as it is doing now. ... As the Vietnam-era saying went, Don't mean nothing."



As a (really crappy) counterpoint, there's an (ongoing) additional mass-shooting in Orlando, FL, today.

So what does this tell us about muslim violence? "There is chaos and evil in life. Some people go crazy...Don't mean nothing."



Aaaaaaaannnnnd, in spite of the actual (reasoned) content of her article, we got some real classy comments going on over at McArdle's place. I should know better than to look by now; wingers, along with dairy, just exist to give me gas.

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