Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NY-23 Hoffman Supporters Electioneering

Report: Police Called To NY-23 Polling Sites...To Deal With Rowdy Hoffman-Backers

A brief search seemed to indicate the penalty for non-compliance with state non-electioneering laws was 7 months to a year in jail. However, that was for passive electioneering, like wearing a button - these pro-Hoffman putschers were hollering crapola.

The TPM article seemed to indicate no arrests -- I hope there were *a lot* of arrests, and I hope it happened early enough in the voting day for *lots* of locals to hear about it.

They should know what sort of viper they're clutching to their breasts.



Predictably, Hoffman wailing like a b*tch. Echo says "whatever, also too".

Seriously, there comes a certain point when the GOP just turns into "the boy who cried ACORN". For me, it happened quite a while ago. I suspect most non-differently-abled folks have reached saturation point by now as well.


GOP bottle-babies summary, on TPM.

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