Monday, November 16, 2009

The more a person talks...

...the harder it is to keep their lies straight.

Sarah Palin... Can I call you Sarah? No? OK, "Mooseburgers" needs to *only say things in public that someone else wrote, on vague topics that don't touch anything concrete in her past*. Otherwise...she piles up stacks of statements that, eventually, will start to really contradict each other, because she just likes to make the past sound better than it actually was.

Kinda like Michael Steele, but insteada his morphing his *opinions* to suit his audience, she morphs her *whole history*.

So, anyways, she needs to stop talking about herself, and she *definitely* needs to stop putting things in writing. Unfortunately, this last thing she put in writing was a screed against her past handlers so I'm suspecting that won't make quality folk -- folk who might have a chance to convince that judicious silence is indeed golden -- flock to her banner, unless they think they can scam her outta some long green in a quick in-and-out type situation.



Or unless they think they can make common cause with a snakehandler or two to control her.

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