Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mining Tha Bloggy-blogs

* Found Shit: Dogs Allowed
* Like Cool: Bike Wheel Clock
* Whiskey Fire: Douched-Earth Politics via InstaPutz

In other news, just nominated 0>w/hole>1 for a Weblog Award for Best Hidden Gem. Feel free to do whatever it is that would help mine blog overcome all lesser blogs. Which is all of them.

What would help mine blog? Beats me. (A readership would help, I suppose, but perhaps the judges would settle for a free ham'n'chee.)



* Via Jesus' General: Political poster: Chinese Debt for War, not Healthcare.

Silly Rabbit.



* From R: Jus a little top 40, hon.



* Via the Dish: Listing Defense Spending on Paycheck Deductions

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