Monday, November 2, 2009

Furries on Film

For alls I hear about the youtubes, there's a heck of a lot of stoopids on there. I was perusin' the joint after peeping ye olde pumpkinhead dance that J was all upons on the tweets -- and I think got some airtime on the Dish -- for equally funny pumpkin and/or costumed dancery.

Man, a *heck* of a lot of stoopids.

This is the best I could find in the time allotted:

* 8-Second Kung Fu Rabbit
* 30-Second Kung Fu Dogs
* 1-Minute Badger Attack
* 1-Minute Squirrel Gang
* 8-Minute MTV Bunny (Well, the first minute and a half or so while they're playing the Cake song, anyway.)

I'm not proud.



Bonus Cake for all the Chuck fans out there:

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