Thursday, November 12, 2009

For What They Are

From ThinkProgress: Former George H.W. Bush appointee and Fox News regular Bo Dietl, a man Fox News CEO Roger Ailes says “does excellent work and personally is a man I trust” said of Katie Couric, "She looks like a Halloween cartoon. She’s got her eyes pulled so far, she’s starting to look Chinese herself."

Dietl does what he does, like a ferret for crapping in a corner. In as much as you "can trust" him, you can trust him to do that. However, reliable as his craps might be, a reputable news organization would not give him a platform on which to do it.

Therefore, Fox is either not reputable, not news, or both.

Ailes is the boss of it and Murdoch over him, and they're encouraging the ferret in his business.

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